Body massager infrared detoxifying massage comb dredging helps to relax|

Self treating, customers can self dredging liver gallbladder meridian, electrotherapy brush with heating function, dredge meridian and can effectively promote the blood circulation, get twice the result with half the effort

 Treating others: on people's back it has the primary meridian which is governor vessel and urinary bladder meridian, meridian brush can promote the effect of dredge the back channels, for customers who does treatment at home, just connect the wires of the machine, the family member can start treatment

Back beauty: skin tissue with numerous capillary, lymphatic vessels and nerve endings they are involved in human metabolism, excretion of waste, glandular secretion, and involved in the regulation of body temperature etc.. Electric massage to the skin surface layer of aging cells shedding, improve the skin's breathing, is conducive to the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands to increase the skin has played a role in lubrication and protection, so that the skin smooth and moist

 Anti-wrinkle: The skin is composed of many layers of cells, which form a layer of soft spots, which make the skin plump and smooth. Skin through the soft connective tissue attached to the muscles, young when the connective tissue is strong, muscle and skin tightly bound together, very strong. Along with the reduction of the age of subcutaneous fat, connecting tissue elastic fibber fracture, resulting in wrinkles, skin due to the weakening of the elastic and relaxed, charged massage can stretch wrinkles, wrinkles gradually fade or disappear. At the same time, to a certain extent, it can affect the state of the cell and increase the elasticity of skin and muscle.


How to use

Step1: Turn on power, adjust micro-current level on BIO set key, adjust heat level on temperature set key, wait for 5 minutes until it gets hot.

Step2: Apply the essential oil to the massage part.

Step3: Adjust the BIO and Temperature according to your need.

Step4: Use in the same direction when massage.

Step5: Wipe with alcohol after use.

Safety Instruction:
pregnant women are prohibited.
menstrual period is not recommended.
should not be used in two hours after a meal.
should not take a bath in two to three hours after using.
should be used in the same direction when massage.

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