🔥HOT SALE Cat Vest Harness and Leash Set to Outdoor Walking, don't have a dog now you can take your cat for a walk safe and secure


  • Polyester cloth isbreathable ,comfortable ,durable andwear-resistant .      
  • A four-point design is adopted to disperse the pulling force, so that the cat will not feel uncomfortable when pulling it.
  • The 38mm nylon buckle can be adjusted, and the seat belt buckle can be fixed to ensure that pets are not easy to escape, easy to wear and easy to adjust.
  • The ergonomic handle makes you have a good touch and feel more comfortable.

  • The exquisitely crafted metal D-shaped buckle and traction buckle are bright, resistant to rust and durable.

product description:

  1. Product Type: Cat harness and belt set
  2. Material: polyester cloth, mesh cloth
  3. Color: red, blue, green
  4. Size: XS / S / 
  5. Target audience: cat
  6. Features: adjustable

Package includes:
1 x cat harness and belt set

Item Type:Cat Harness and Leash Set

Material:Polyester Cloth, Mesh Cloth
Size: XS, S,


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Emma Jordan

Verified purchase

"I ordered the for my . cat. He had never had a harness on before and did the typical lay-down .don't-move thing when I first put it on. After a few days of him really not liking it, the game changer was when I took him outdoors with the harness and leash. He is an indoor cat and learned real quickly that the harness is a must to go outside. He lets me put it on him now and does well walking with it on."


Verified purchase

"She’s a typical cat when it comes to her displeasure about wearing it, but it’s very secure and I don’t have to worry about her wiggling her body out of it."

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