Collapsible Coffee Cup

Save the planet and enjoy your cup of coffee anytime anywhere with our Amazing Collapsible Cup! ☕

Did you know that 58 billion paper cups are tossed out every year in the US alone? 


The Amazing Collapsible Cup is reusable, leak-proof and portable - once you are done with your drink, simply collapse the cup and store it in your pocket! 


Perfect for on-the-go and travel! 


Enjoy your coffee without wasting another paper cup!



The Amazing Collapsible Cup is designed as the ultimate alternative to standard water bottles and coffee mugs. 


Simple and Convenient - Just stretch the cup out when you want to fill it with a cup of coffee or water.


When you finish drinking, fold the bottle up and put it into your pocket or a bag, it is easy to carry because the folding cup occupies a very small space.


You can bring the Amazing Collapsible Cup to Starbucks or other coffee shops instead of using the paper cups provided by the shops.


This environmentally-friendly cup is an easy way of eliminating wastes.


Keep the environment safe with the Amazing Collapsible Cup! 


Main Features:

  • Easy folding cup for saving more storage spaces.

  • Portable and lightweight water bottle for convenient carry.

  • Food-grade silica gel and PP material, BPA free and reusable.

  • Heat resistant up to 230 degrees Celsius, suitable for both cold and hot water.

  • Never leak out with a leak-proof lid when turned upside down.

  • 350ml capacity drink cup for enough drinks at one time.


How To Use The Amazing Collapsible Cup



Product Specifications:

Weight: 140g

Capacity: 350ml

Size: 87*87*140mm

Folding size: 87*87*58mm

Material: Food grade silicone & PP

PP Part Temp Range: -40℃~110℃ (-40℉~230℉)


Package Includes:

  • 1X Amazing Collapsible Coffee Cup



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