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Product information

Name: Cat Claw Meatball Glass

Capacity: 300 ml /230ml

Size: about height 11cm/4.33in, cup diameter 7.5cm/2.95in

Material: heat resistant glass


1.It is the shape of cat claw. It comes with cat claw pad which is cute and vivid cat claw cup for you can have fun while drinking.

2.The bottom foot hides a large meat ball paw print, so that the cup is more vivid. It will show you a small surprise when you drink the bottom or look down the bottom of the floor.

3.It is a stylish coffee cup which is very fresh and attractive. It is very suitable for coffee milk or other beverages

4.The unique, fresh, eye-catching design suitable for use in the family, parties, bars and any other occasions, also suitable for personal use, as a gift for family and friends is also a good choice

5. Pour a small amount before pouring hot water, and shake it so that the hot water is in full contact with it, so as to preheat the cup, and then continue to pour hot water to prevent the temperature difference from being too large

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