lose weight Skipping with counter Speed Wireless Skipping Adjustable Cross fit Anti Slip Handle for Workout.

Jump Rope Counter: equipped with digital jump rope counter, using a new generation of high-precision magnetic control sensor, through your weight, movement time, the number of laps to calculate the calories you consume, more accurate. The small screen displays a timer, weight, calories and laps, which is useful for monitoring your progress. It also incorporates a sound effect when you reach your set exercise goal. Smooth and Comfortable to Use: Silicone handle material ensures comfortable grip .The unique ergonomic handle gives you anti-skid grip, making it easier for you to exercise .Anti-slip thread design for quick sweat conduction. Adjustable Jump Rope: The designed jump rope is 9.84 feet /300cm long. You can adjust it according to your needs. Not only adults can play, but also children can play .The buckle is not easy to slide after locking, ensuring stability. Universal high-speed bearing, stable, smooth, bid farewell to winding, longitudinal enjoy the silky feeling. Cordless Mode: This sport skipping rope comes with two weight balls .In this mode, the child is no longer likely to get tangled in the rope, and you no longer need to worry about tripping on the rope .For those who are interested in staying healthy, anywhere and anytime, it's light, quiet and doesn't disturb others around you. It's also very convenient to use at home and doesn't take up too much space. Three Auxiliary Modes: personal step can be set for higher accuracy .Kilo meters and miles can be switched at will. Sleep mode helps you save electricity. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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