Micro Precision Eyebrow Trimmer

 Micro Precision Eyebrow Trimmer with its beautiful and minimalistic design offers an amazing and easy shaving experience that's fun to use. The perfect accessory companion for your everyday maintenance or between your regular eyebrow wax or threading appointment.

Tired of Wasting Money on Getting Your Eyebrows Done?

This is a highly precise and pain-free alternative if you are unable to wax or tweeze the perfect eyebrows. It can also be used as a general facial hair remover on other parts of your body!

Achieve Perfect Eyebrows Anytime, Every Time!

Thanks to its precise micro-blade technology you'll be able to remove even the tiniest of hairs on your face and body without any pain or redness. Expect incredibly smooth skin after each use. Your new best-kept secret on maintaining perfect eyebrows.

Items Included

  • 1 x  Micro Precision Eyebrow Trimmer
  • 1 x USB Cable

Features & Benefits


SAFE & PAINLESS - The Micro Precision Eyebrow Trimmer comes with a powerful motor providing a gentle and painless shaving and trimming experience on all skin types. No nicks, redness, or irritation. Instantly and painlessly erases the extra hair, without the pain of removal! Perfect for sensitive skin.

STYLISH & PORTABLE - This advanced and stylish electric shaver and hair remover is portable with a unique lipstick body design, making it a worthy companion accessory.

EASY TO USE FOR ALL AGES - Pull skin tight and move the unit in small, circular motions. Hold like a pencil, use as an eraser. Perfect for quick touch-ups (for optimal results, the VitaBella™ Micro Precision Eyebrow Trimmer should be used on clean, dry skin free of makeup or cream).

TRAVEL FRIENDLY - For many female friends, trimming is part of their daily beauty routine, which is why we have made sure that our eyebrow trimmer is compact and lightweight. The perfect size to take with you on any trip.


Remove unwanted excess hair from your eyebrows, hands, armpits, cheeks, and more in just a few seconds!
Use it safely anywhere you go thanks to its small and portable design.
Enjoy a painless but precise trimming experience.
Easily clean and wash the detachable blade after using it.

Additional Details

 5 Who-Knew Facts About Eyebrows

  1. They're Critical for Nonverbal Communication: You can tell exactly how someone is feeling based on their facial movements. If they have furrowed brows they're probably angry. If one is raised it could mean they are feeling confused, or if they're feeling shocked, both might be raised.
  2. Its Shape May Predict Your Personality: According to Amazing Face Reading by Marc Fuller, if you have straight eyebrows you might be more direct. However, if they are slightly curved, you're likely to be more people-oriented.
  3. They Regularly Fall Out: In general, eyebrow hairs have a lifespan of about four months, meaning that the brows you rocked last Christmas are not the ones you have on your face now!
  4. They're Crucial for Facial Recognition: Researchers at MIT found that faces without eyebrows are almost impossible to recognize them. In a study trying to identify celebrities without eyebrows, participants only recognized about 46% of the face.
  5. They Protect Our Eyes: Through time much of the body hair has more or less disappeared, except for... our brows. And there's a good reason. Like our lashes, our brows filter sweat, dirt and even deflect raindrops so they don't cloud our vision.

How to Use

How to Use

1. Take off the lid from the Micro Precision Eyebrow Trimmer.
2. Press the Power button to turn on the device.
3. Pass the Micro Precision Eyebrow Trimmer where you would like to remove excess hair or trim without putting too much pressure.
4. Press the Power button again to turn off the device.
5. Rotate the top counter-clockwise to remove the blade.
6. Clean the blade with running water and dry.
7. Attach the blade back to the main body and secure it.
8. Put the lid back on and save for later.

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