Magic Hair Donuts Curler (16pcs) Quick curl hair rollers - Lets you create beautiful soft beach waves without heat and chemicals in minutes.

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Say Hello To Instant Soft And Beautiful Curly Hair!

No more heat and chemical damagewhen curling your hair with this incredible and colorful Magic Hair Donuts Curler!Each of these curlers has the ability tohold tons of hair, making itquick and super easy to have those summer beach waves in no time at all!

Made from soft plastic materials, these magic hair curlers areflexibleand can be bent to any direction. They’reeasy to use andlightweightso you can have heat and chemical free beautifully soft curly hair that’s perfect for all occasions!


  • Quick curl hair rollers- Lets you create beautiful soft beach waves without heat and chemicals in minutes. 
  • DIY hair styling - Save your money and time from going to the salon to have a pro curly hairstyle. 

  • Easy to use - Make sure hair is slightly dry after washing. Roll up sections one by one and leave it on to achieve perfect curly hair. 
  • Durable and flexible - Made of soft plastic material, it can bend at any direction. Will not cause damage to your hair. 

  • Lightweight- Compact design makes it easy to carry and store. Use anytime to get gorgeous wavy hair. 

  • Suitable for all hair types- Perfect for all hair lengths and types. Suitable for everyday use or special occasions. 


  • Materials: High-quality plastic
  • Colors: Yellow, Pink, Green

Product Includes

  • 16  Hair Donuts Curler 


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