Massage, Recharge after a good workout in the Gym

We know how hard it is to have a moment of total relaxation when there's just too much stress and tension around you 24/7. 

 Massage Gun offers you the latest in therapy and technology to calm your nerves effectively. Gone are the days of annoying back pains, neck pain, sore body and high tension. With just 20 minutes, enjoy and stop thinking about your worries.

If you're looking for a product that offers any of the following, then this is the tool you need.

  • Softens stiff muscles and soothes surrounding tissue.

  • Relaxes your nervous system and effectively attacks muscle pain

  • Easy for anyone to use in a matter of minutes.

  • Strong battery life that will last you for various sessions.

  • Multifunctional design to adapt to any type of body or need.

Items Included

  • 1 x   Massage

  • 1 x Big Round Massage Ball Head (for large muscle recovery)

  • 1 x Spiral Head (for joints)

  • 1 x Fork Leg Head (for spine massage)

  • 1 x Flat Warm Up Head (for full body therapy)

  • 1 x Spad Shaped Head (for bone recovery and muscle relaxation)

  • 1 x Thumd Head (for soft body tissue)

  • 1 x Power Charger

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Storage Bag


  • Rated Input: 100~240V 50/60Hz 1A
  • Rechargeable Battery Included
  • Batter Capacity: 2,400mAh
  • Stand-by Running Hours: 4-6
  • Working Hours: 3-5
  • 3 Vibration Levels: Level 1 - 1,900 rpm, Level 2 - 2,500 rpm, Level 3 - 3,300 rpm

    Features & Benefits


    CLEAR & PRACTICAL LCD TOUCH SCREEN - Accurately and easily know or change the speed, time and switch control of your therapeutic massage gun.

    NEW GENERATION NOISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY - Enjoy a nice and powerful therapy pressure massage without being annoyed by loud noises thanks to its brushless motor and double bearing construction.

    30 GEAR ADJUSTMENT LEVELS FOR ALL NEEDS - Decide how intense and deep you want your therapy to work, adjust the gear power level of the vibration and find the best for your needs.

    LONG BATTERY LIFE FOR ON GOING APPLICATION - Take your time with each therapy session without worrying of not having enough battery life, upto 5 hours of contious use can be achieved with the VitaBella™ Therapeutic Massage Gun.

    5 CAREFULLY DESIGN PRESSURE HEADS - Use any of the included 5 pressure heads with the VitaBella™ Therapeutic Massage Gun to obtain amazing results for each part of your body, muscle, bones and nervous system.


    Acupressure therapy contributes to a better emotional balance, reducing anxiety and aggressiveness.
    Increase serotonin levels in your brain and improve your overall mood and prevent thoughts of depression.
    Enjoy a sedative and relaxing sensation, calming the mind, reducing stress levels and relieve insomina.
    Increase the release of endorphins in your body, enter a state of greater well-being and naturally help eliminate the pain on your body.
    Sleep better, move better and start improving how your body feels with powerful and deep therapeutic massages.

    Additional Details

    Relaxing massages stimulate sensory nerve endings in the skin, which transmit messages through the nervous system and cause the brain to release endorphins (these are the body's natural pain relievers, feel good chemicals that create a sense of well-being). A therapeutic massage will also cause deep relaxation by stimulating the body's parasympathetic nervous system, sometimes called the res and disgestion system. Blood pressure decreases, heart rate decreases, and the digestive activity increases too. Relaxing and therapeutic massages can also increase blood circulation and stimulate the body's lymphatic system. "

    Internation Journal of Neuroscience

    How to Use

    How to Use

    ROUND HEAD - Used for hand, back, and leg massage.

    TAPER HEAD - Used for deep tissue, such as joints, palms and plantar.

    FLAT HEAD - Used for relaxing and shaping each muscle part.

    ‘U’ SHAPE HEAD - Used for neck, spinal and Achilles massage.

    THUMB HEAD - Used for soft tissue.

    SPADE SHAPED HEAD - Used for whole body, bones and muscle relaxation.

    Gear Adjustment
    When to use it 
    Relax Muscle(s).
    Gentle Massage.
    Deeper Relaxation.
    Lactic Acid Decomposition.
    Deep Massage.
    Professional Mode.

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