TummySafe™ Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster. No More Difficulty Strap in Safe

A Must-Have For Pregnant Woman!

A car provides comfort and convenience when traveling yet people in the car are at higher risk of road accidents — most especially if the person driving or riding the vehicle is pregnant. In fact, an estimated 3,000 pregnancies are lost due to car crashes every year, regardless of the fact that these pregnant mothers are wearing a seat belt. That being said, TummySafe™ Pregnancy Seat Belt is specifically designed to secure the safety of both the mother and her unborn child(ren). This belt is also great for any of you post C-Section mama's (or anyone who is post abdominal surgery). 

This innovative product made from high-quality and durable nylon material is designed to reduce the risk of putting pressure on the belly caused by a sudden break or road accident. To install the belt, you use a strap to secure it around the seat cushion. The strap will go all the way around and while it is easy to install.

True to its name, TummySafe™ Pregnancy Seat Belt is guaranteed to secure the safety of the mother and her unborn little one(s) given that it is highly engineered and tested for safety.

  • Secures safety without feeling any distress
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to unstrap or move from passenger's to driver's seat

There is no size or weight limit. The belt also works with all shapes and sizes of people from the most petit to you full figured beauties.

No more difficult to strap in and out of the car. When putting on your seat-belt you will get in and sit down like normal and buckle the belt as usual.

How To Use:

Step 1: Place the upper strap over your chest then secure the safety buckle.
Step 2: Put the other harness/strap across your thighs and make sure the buckle is properly clipped on.
Step 3: Make sure the straps are not too loose or too tight.

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