VitaBella™ Cleansing Facial Steamer

The VitaBella™ Cleansing Facial Steamer uses micro-steam technology to infuse your skin with hydration, leaving an immediate glow on your face.

An ideal way to begin any at-home facial, with this essential beauty tool enhance the benefits of your other skincare products! The steam opens up your pores and helps loosen any buildup of dirt for a deeper cleanse.

No matter your skin type, you can detoxify your skin and clear up your pores by removing excess oils and sebum. With clear pores, your skin will be more receptive to the rest of your skincare routine, making your other beauty products more effective!

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Items Included

  • 1 x VitaBella™ Cleansing Facial Steamer
  • 1 x Measuring Cup
  • 1 x User Manual

Features & Benefits


MICRO-STEAM TECHNOLOGY -Effectively turn water into fine nano water molecules which can deeply penetrate into your skin pores and rehydrate it instantly.

SIMPLE ONE BUTTON FUNCTION - Simple button control, one key to power on and off for an easy user friendly experience.

VERSATILE & PLUG-IN DESIGN - Just plug in the flexible power cord and use the included measuring cup for a carefree usage experience.


Achieve a nicier, hydrated skin thanks to an increase oxygen rich blood circulation.
Get rid of acne fast and easy by opening your pores and releasing dead skin cells, bacteria and other impurities.
Absorb skincare products faster and more effectively.
Increase the production of collagen and elastin, and achieve a firmer, tighter, young-looking skin. 
Relieve sinus congestion and headaches.

Additional Details 


  • Allows makeup to last longer and look even.
  • Makes makeup blend better with the skin.
  • Will make your complexion look radiant and more natural.
  • Allows you to rest better from the makeup when you take it off.


  • May make you experience flaking, which makes makeup uneven and cracked.
  • Will tend to absorb the products causing irritation faster.
  • Will make your makeup look dull and unkempt.
  • Never manages to recover after using makeup.

How to use

How To Use

1. Remove the top head off of the VitaBella™ Cleansing Facial Steamer.
2. Carefully add one cup of water into the base of the unit.
3. Reattach the top head and secure it.
4. Press the Power button and enjoy a continous stream of steam for 8 to 10 minutes.

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